marți, 9 iunie 2015

                                           The Redheaded Deamon ,
                                                     The Unfaithful Patient and
                                                                          The Jungle Cat

In the old days of my despair for love
You appeared in the darkest of nights
With your taunting blue eyes
With lips and hair red as blood

You simply looked, you did not talked , only smiled
You do not love nor hate, you are in a neutralize state
Your strong, i know this, i can see in your eyes that strange power
I could never figure it out

Never could i understand your meaning
Your presence in the cold nights
Who are you?
You are not an angel, you do not appear to look like one
But a deamon, quiet and patient...

What plan do you quietly think?
What do you try to do?
Why must you appear when there is emptiness?
Why do you fill every space of that emptiness
With mistery, your exotic energy and quiet aggression

Who are you? Tell Redheaded Deamon, who are you?

You were only a girl 
Full of dreams and hope for
The better part of life
You were shy, constantly in searching
For love, an appreciation , a friendship and
A onest consolation.

You saw me , liked me, loved me, hurted me...
Asked me for my help, your eyes begged for it
For the freedom that being listened gives

I did, i helped you my dear patient
I tried, i succeeded, but the cost of ones true soul
You see, dear patient..
For me to help you, to not judge nor criticise

Loving you had to stop, i suffered great amounts of pain
Each word you had send free was like a bullet through my ears
Landing in my brain, by the end full of them
That slowly turned to rust
Rust quietly absorbed by my cells

Circling through my veins, poisoning the blood
Leaving its toxicity in every being of body and mind
Sticking on the walls of my heart, so often and so much
That the heart became rust itself

It took time my dear patient to learn
To live with all that useless metal
That cold rust that once was a part of me

You saw, you watched, you felt
How my body transformed into an unusefulness
You did not act, you flied into the arms of another therapist
Wich Work was his name
He extended your social life like i never could
He laid a shadow upon that litlle rusty metal that i once was
Hiding me from the light 

Who are you? Tell Unfaithfull Patient, who are you?

These Jungle, this confusing place
What creatures those it possess
It's scary, full of unknown
Uncomfortable, dangerous...
But nonetheless its climate takes 
Slowly all the rust i once had

And in this Jungle i found a loveling cat
Gentle and kind, tempered but not afraid to use her claws
Raised in a space of color , her way of being symbolizes 
The essence of the Jungle, the inner philosophy of it
She's all its beauty and danger
All its spontaneous climate
And all the meaning of survival

Who are you? Tell Jungle Cat, who are you?

miercuri, 27 mai 2015

                                                    The Hand &
                                                                        The Mouth
 Once we were so close to each other
 There were no paths between us
 No strings, no walls, no misdirections

We didn't know nothing about
Society or Political beliefs, Religion nor Science

We were empty
But my dear friend, so full we were

With nothing but 
Acceptance, Compasion and Tolerance,

We were not animals nor humans
We were simple, but complicated

We were a palm full of milions of
Artists, connected, bound

What are we now my brother
What are we now...

We are our own masterpiece, brother
We are more now, no more emptiness

Now, we have beliefs, we have
Endless feelings and ideas
Streching far more than our
Feet can walk in a lifetime

We, my dear brother, we are also slaves
Slaves of a master, that once was
Weak and poor, inexperienced and wild
But in the end , he grow.

He grow to become our most strongest brother
He is so strong, but my friend...
He's meanness is far more grater

I do not bite your nails because i enjoy it
I do not feel happines by the pain
I cause you...
I, my friend, am just another slave of our brother

You dare blame our brother !?
Our brother may be big, but young
He may put us to do awful things
But, my friend , do you forget...

The taste of milk, the sounds you first made...
Until the most complicated composition by now
The first lips you dance and hug with
How could you forget about all of these?

Those actions,...he made you once feel and do
How could you be so ungrateful...

Easily, my dear brother, easily...
I forgot the taste of milk because of the alcohol
He put me to drink to impress his friends.

The untasteful food
So bad, my brother, that i do not know how to taste
How to depict good from bad

I forgot my own smell
From the cigars he puts you to buy
And how easily he makes me take
That awful smoke, circling...

Like a snake, unleashing his venom
Upon every part of my being
Numbing my sense of taste
Destroying the good health of my teeth
And slowly and patiently, makes me more, and more
Vulnerable to death itself...

As for the sounds, my brother you are wrong entirely
They were loud and noisy, my lips were pink and shaking
His first command was for my to scream
Later he used me for his creative lies
Then to hurt people, even the ones whose lips once hugged me
The lips who dance and played with me

So now , that you know, could you ask me the same?
Do not answer this now, first answer me this...
What do you miss more?
The gentle touch upon once loved?
Or is it the hard and wild, grabing and pushing and nonetheless
Hitting the same ones that hugeed, kissed and loved you
Family, friends and neighbors....

Tell me, ohh dear brother
How could you forget all of these?

Even now, your silence is far more louder than all the sounds i make
Don't you ever forget, dearest brother
My sounds, no matter how mean or hateful he makes me produce them
Could not kill the strong, only the weak and woundest of people
But you my brother, ohh but you...